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Am from India..
I've learnt the hard way, that things are never the same and they can never stay the way you want them to.

i post things which i like... i love more of black and white photos.. i even click photos.. as photography is my hobby :)
i love to make friends... interact with people.. my ask box is open for everyone :)
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Has anyone heard of VML Qais digital agency?

How’s the agency doing in the U.S? 

adjobwall davesingh 

Is it justified to feel bad when the guy you have dated for 2 years doesn’t accept you going out with friends who he doesn’t like at all? 

Why should the girl feel guilty of the insecurities the guy has?

Am i too insensitive? Or the guy is a little insecure? Does it make sense for me to feel bad and stop talking to the people he doesn’t like?

Why are relationships so complicated?