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Born in the month of TWINS – May with a co-incidence of having a twin. I am a girl who believes in simplicity, passionate about photography, dancing and blogging. After graduating in Mass Media and interning at two places finally got some real work experience at a Digital firm.
i love to make friends,interact with people.
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Its not the change, it’s the transition that’s difficult!

The difference between these is subtle but important. Change is something that happens to people, even if they don’t agree with it. Transition, on the other hand, is internal: it’s what happens in people’s minds as they go through change. Change can happen very quickly, while transition usually occurs more slowly.

What is happening with me?

What a stupid and a waste day! 

Monday’s are as it is blah and to add to it.I can’t find my documents, i din’t get my lunch. Also i just spent my weekend working on something which is of no use now! 

Need that push!

It’s been 4 days I haven’t been to office. ( Including holidays). And I have spent these four days thinking where am i going wrong with my job? Boss doesn’t seem to be happy. Neither do i feel satisfied. I can’t work under pressure. This i guess they should know,also that when you don’t appreciate someone at their work it demotivates and makes me think that i am not good at what i am doing and will never be good at it. 

Damn and i spent my these four days thinking and in the fear that i will lose my job! 

Babaji. Mer karo! 

I love you.

There i said it. 

Would want to sing this song for my guy.

Whenever it happens.

I’m in love with the concept of love. 

Want to be in love with my life. Can’t wait to find my “Mr. Right” and just spend my entire time with him. I might sound stupid but I’m really waiting to come across someone who might come into my life as magic. 

Gosh. Over flow of feelings!


Thanks for posting this lovely xo Lang 


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things I wonder about


what’s it like to
melt under the
touch of your